Best Bluetooth Speaker in 2017 from Anker,with 24-Hour Playtime

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To whom, and where it is used for:

 1) If you are (extreme) audiophile,

then you not only need vouch for high level performance but also Ienjoy a variety of musical genres and all come through with a warm, rich depth.

2) Primary use is for streaming music or internet radio services such as Pandora and Spotify, and listening by the pool and while having dinner

3) if your house is 1700 sq ft and you still want to hear it through out while you are doing your housework.

4) In a car scenario, when I put it in my wife’s care (which has a loud aftermarket exhaust) and called her while driving we were both impressed with the clarity of the speaker on my end and the clarity of the microphone as heard from her end

5) These speakers have been great to use around the house and office. It is enough to fill up even a classroom

6) A portable and durable little speaker. You take it with you to each room when you want to hear your music even into the bathroom while showering.

Why it is worth to buy :

1Premium Design

The minimalistic design and small form factor of this speaker allow it to fit well into multiple environments, whether that be on your desk, in the living room, or on the patio. Although some may prefer to have multiple color options to choose from, the matte black finish on the speaker does great at hiding any blemishes, while still maintaining the look of a premium product. The rubberized texture, which covers all but the face of the speaker, prevents it from sliding around, which provides a sense of security when placing it on slick or uneven surface. Its rugged and durable build quality has protected my speaker from breaking such as when I dropped it on a bed of rocks while fishing


2Unbelievable battery life

Anker is known for their high-quality battery products. This item does not disappoint. I use it many times a week and rarely need to charge it.

The best part is the battery life which has totally lived up to the 24 hour playback. Used it for roughly 6 hours a day all work week and there is still 10% left


3) Exceptional sound quality

SOUND QUALITY: Plays crisp at both low and high volumes. You can play it loud enough to fill a 14×18′ room or a bathroom with the shower on. It gives a new level to movie quality when watching on your laptop – suddenly you have what feels more like surround sound and deeper bass.



I’m impressed with the rubberized material the unit is coated in. It feels strong and smooth at the same time. It’s really enjoyable to touch. People will consistently give you the same feedback when they hold it for the first time. The front has a strong metal grate that is also smooth to the touch in a matching color.


the device connects nearly effortlessly to phones and laptops. Hold the “Bluetooth Symbol” button on the top for a few seconds to pair with your device. It connected easily to my Samsung Galaxy S7 as well as to Sony Xperia & iPhone 6.

the ability to connect wirelessly through Bluetooth is extremely convenient. With a short hold of the Bluetooth button on the top of the speaker, your device will automatically pair up.


6) Inexpensive PRICE

The better-known brands seemed to be hovering around the $125 – $150 price point,I cant tell the difference in quality of sound between The Bose (160$) and the anker

Well worth the investment! You should possibly take a risk with a less known brand, but f it is going to be a good gamble based on price point and review feedback. It could be one of the shrewdest investments of entertainment. Great value.

If you are looking for a great performer, budget friendly, and an excellent quality item then I would strongly recommend this product. I pray it lasts forever. Two thumbs up all the way!!

Machine learning map and its exploration:

1) Sentimental posivtively bloom up

2) Mind map with verified purchaser’s reviews mind-map

Now , Loud and clear that with 2984 ” Great” and 1087 “good” plus 772 ” Love” , 388 ” Recommend” out of 5213 total reviews , what Anker Sound core has achieved so far simply can’t  override with ” great”;

The Upvote come from  1368″Quality “, 1412 “Battery”, 1177″Price”, 4230 ” sound” ,  it well serves the usage require.

I would not hesitate to get to check whether this editor is making fool of me or not !

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker with 24-Hour Playtime, 66-Foot Bluetooth Range & Built-in Mic, Dual-Driver Portable Wireless Speaker with Low Harmonic Distortion and Superior Sound – Black

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