Best Car Mount Holder for iPhone 7s 6s Plus 6s 5s 5c at $19.95, Sold more than 1 million

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The Best Car Mount Holder with its easy one touch mounting system, extraordinarily solid and compactable qualities has enraptured the hearts of many. Open to cash purchasers! only at $19.95 from Amazon ,what worth to buy  !

Who is this for ?

  1. This is probably the best aftermarket phone holder made. That sticky goo on the suction cup is amazing. And it does really clean with soap and water. The one touch mount to put your phone in is quick and easy.
  2. I bought this for road trips, any time i need directions. More specifically when i go to the keys from KY this fall.I am writing this for clarification for anyone else interested.
  3. My very first mount and I couldn’t be happier after extensive research. If you are looking for a sturdy, well price and great quality mount for your vehicle then you have no reason to buy one of these!
  4. Save your Dashboard! 95% Perfect!

Best Car Mount Holder for iPhone 7_1

Why it is worth to buy:


This mount is very sturdy, easily customizable, has an INCREDIBLY strong suction cup, and it fits my somewhat large Nokia Lumia 925 very easily. In about two months I haven’t had any problems with it falling off or losing suction.

First thing, the quality is a very strong plastic. It does not feel cheap in any way. The knobs that control the angle, length, and clip ball are extremely strong. When I drive, this mount stays in place solid. I work as a delivery driver (and need GPS). If I hit a bump, I don’t ever to readjust the mount. The suction pad on the mount combines a sticky pad and air suction into one. The product states that it could damage the dash, but if you get in the right place your first time and don’t plan on moving it anywhere…then it’s perfect.
I find the holder is very sturdy when the arm is not extended. I have used it only one or two times with it extended and it was a little more shaky, but still firm enough to read my iPhone map app (Waze). I like the feature of simply placing the phone into the cradle and it snaps tight to the phone – -easy in and easy out.



Best car mount I’ve had so far for the iPhone 4s. Usually car mounts won’t accommodate cases for the iPhone and it’s a pain to have to remove it to dock the phone. This is great because it accommodates my skin case, my silicone case my otter box, basically any case I have on my phone.

This is the second time i bought from iOttie. It’s quite sturdy for my Samsung Galaxy Note

The first one was for my Galaxy S4 and it lasted more than a year without falling off the dashboard.

I travel frequently for work. When I travel, I pop it off the windshield and toss it in my backpack. When I land at my destination and get in my rental car, I stick this on the windshield, pop my cell phone in for navigation / directions, and I go. It’s adjustable in multiple different angles and directions and distances. I have yet to find a rental car where I couldn’t use this mount!


Best Car Mount Holder for iPhone 7s 6s Plus 6s 5s 5c at $19.95 , it  really rocking the amazon with  27,486 customer reviews , estimated to sell 1 million plus already 

Link to future details on amazon :
iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder for iPhone 7s 6s Plus 6s 5s 5c Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge S6 S5 Note 5

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