Best Portable Charger in 2017 from Anker wit 5200mAh Candy bar-Sized at $15.99

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The Best Portable Charger in 2017 from Anker with its high speed charging power, extensive battery life and IQ Technology and high capacity has captivated the hearts and minds of all, only atĀ $15.99, you savedĀ $34.00, what worth to buy on amazon!

Who is this product for ?

  1. I bought this for my husband since he has a long commute and he loves watching his kindle on the train, it keeps a good charge if not used and is there when he needs it.
  2. Very cool and worked great when I was on vacation and forgot my charger at home! Recharged my phone at least a few times before needing to be recharged.
  3. This little charger is terrific and the price was really good. It works well. It took about an hour to charge my iphone but it still had plenty of juice left for my iPad
  4. I have been looking how a charger for a while. All the ones I have ordered don’t work properly. I ordered this hoping that it would work. It works perfectly and the charge is great.
  5. This little back-up battery has worked great for me. I can charge my Samsung S6 twice before the battery pack needs a recharge. Very satisfied, slim design, LED indicators, protective bag included
  6. Bought for my Girlfriend who never charges her phone, Fits fine in her giant bag, doesn’t weigh hardly at all

Why it is worth to buy:


It took about an hour to charge my iPhone but it still had plenty of juice left for my iPad.

Worked great for charging our phones at a long day at Comicon.

Great item! Keeps its charge for a long period of time. Ready to be used whenever your cell battery goes down. Well packaged and received in a timely manner.


This battery pack is ideal for your purse, pocket or backpack and it is one of the most portable batteries that I have tested. It had good test results.

I love that it has a little cord and bag with it so everything is always together when I need it.

This product arrived in a plastic cover wrap that protected the exterior boxing and cover which I appreciated.

I have had this charger for a few weeks now. It appears to charge my iPhone 6 and iPad very quickly. I like that the little pouch that comes with it can hold the charger and two USB cords. It is very portable.


This battery is small, lightweight and charges fast. Great for carrying on the weekends when I’m out all day or taking to any spot where you can’t access an electric plug

I can fully charge my phone at least twice before the portable charger starts dying

Battery lasts vey long while charged, will charge your iPhone 6 twice without recharging

I love this charger, Charged my phone a full FOUR times. (S7Edge). I took the charger with me to Disneyland and I had more than enough power for the day


The Best Portable Charger here are taken from real feedback of its purchasers, after enjoying its quality, 82% of them like and comment and a large amount of them repeat purchase and even get the product as gift to friends and family.

Amazon link

Anker Astro E1 5200mAh Candy bar-Sized Ultra Compact Portable Charger (External Battery Power Bank) with High-Speed Charging PowerIQ Technology (Black)

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