Insoles from Superfeet Green Heritage ,A Rescue for Feet at Afford Price

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Insoles from the super feet green is designed biomechanically with the best shape and designs to support all types of feet therefore preventing pains in the feet, ankle and hip pains. Super feet green insoles is well known for its high quality.

Who is this for ?

1) If you are someone wearing a lead apron working in the Cath lab, Standing with feet beating to the point that want to quit the spot, and don’t, Heritage Insoles offer a rescue to your feet, hence later you can save others people’s life.

2) A bartender at a high volume waterfront restaurant. Standing on my feet for 8 to 10 hours a day on average

3) Ultra-marathons found no substitute of putting insoles in to shoes of dress, causal and running

4). A Hiker going on a 10 mile hike in the Santa Monica mountains with Insoles in her converse shoes reducing the serious muscle pain

5) Literally saving knees.. After one day of work (11 hour shift on feet) with these babies and most of pain will leave

6) Treatment of planters fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis- Life saver!

7) Recommended by doctor because custom orthotics were too expensive for you.

Why it is worth to buy?

1) Durability

The durability of super feet insoles has been what has kept it going since 1977.The insoles are made with the finest materials that provides orthotic support.

2) Shock absorber

The way the Green Superfeet works is by providing support for someone with a HIGH arch. During the run, a high arch collapses and the green superfeet will actually help hold up the arch during the collapse. If you have LOW arches, do NOT buy this – use the blue superfeet. If you have low arches, this can actually cause plantar fasciitis by causing tension in the plantar facscia.

Now, the one real cool thing about the Superfeet is that they have the hard plastic bottom. This, contrary to what seems logical, is the most healthy shock absorption for your feet. Compare it to running on sand versus running on cement. if you run on sand, your joints work a lot harder, and your body is not able to absorb the shock as well, causing pain. If you run on cement, your subtalar joint won’t splay outwards as much, causing the fatty tissue under your foot to take more of the shock. The Superfeet encourages this with a deep heel cup, so it supports your heel, forcing the fatty tissue to cup your heel, creating the best shock absorption ever.

3) Inexpensive price/Affordability

A pair of Insoles costs a measly fee of $30-$78 with wide variety of sizes to fit to your taste. When next you are looking for a durable yet budget friendly insole with awesome quality then super feet green heritage insoles is definitely the right product for you.

4) Special fitting

The insole is made to fit in no matter the kind of feet it is worn on it. The nature makes it possible to fit in well enough into the foam layer in the shoe. This particular feature of super feet insoles makes sure the foot is well place on the shoes.

For anyone having hammer toes or feelings pains in the foot when he/she wears shoes, super feet insoles is particularly for you.

5) Anti-bacteria coating

Smelling shoes are mostly caused by presence of bacteria. The super feet insoles is coated with anti-bacteria materials that keep smelling feet away. In addition the insoles is latex free and vegan free as these two materials foster heat in the feet region.

6)  Everlasting comfort

The insoles fit best with all footwear to keep you comfortable and relaxed. The undisputed super feet insole helps align the mid sole of the footwear to your feet.

The structured heel cap and full length of the foam ensures support and comfort with the help of the stabilizer cap, the insole keeps the foot static within the foam layer.


The heritage super feet green insoles has maintained the top spot when it comes to quality since 1977.This is because it has been effective in preventing heel, foot and hip pain thereby encouraging total comfort to its users

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Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles,Green

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