Yoga pants are Great for Gals with Big Butts & Small Waists

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Yoga pants from the power flex  are designed with the best fabrics to fit the body is an epitome of beauty both fashion and performance wise. The best choice for women of class and fashion. They are made from the best blends of nylon and spandex to resist tear and wear. absolutely a worth to buy on amazon!

Who is this for ?

  • An athlete having muscle cramps all because of unfit pants.
  • Anyone performing yoga having difficulties stretching his/her legs will definitely find peace with power reflex yoga pants.
  • A baller dancer on the stage having an embaracing moment with a torn yoga pants just like Fat Ammy in pitch perfect 2 will find this pant useful because it is made to withstand all kinds of stretch and tear.
  • Made with high quality blends of spandex and nylon ,so no cause for alarm when it comes to durability. It lasts so long just like Methuselah.
  • Sincerely saving your laps from irritation after couple of hours exercise on the mat.

Why it is worth to buy?

1) Quality design:

The power flex part is made in accordance with trending fashion, finest blend of nylon and spandex and little bit of cotton to absorb moisture from the body. The high quality of yoga pants stays perfect on the body without causing friction, the body when stretching.

2) Long lasting pants:

The most intriguing aspect of the super power flex yoga pants is that no matter the kind of exercise you do it does not tear or wear. It maintains its shape and colour even after so many washing.

3)Maximum comfort:

It is made to your best fitting with a wide waist band that holds and fits your shapes and curves. The interlocking within the fabrics, helps reduce the irritation and friction and the edges thereby offering maximum comfort.

Every gym instructor should recommend and direct their clients for clothing’s that fit best and gives comfort ability when in the gym house and power yoga pant assures that. The pants reduce muscle cramps as it stretches to an unimaginable length when exercising.

4) Body fitted:

No matter what the body type is slim, tall, fat or plumpy, the power yoga pants fits in perfectly well. The material bit elastic to accommodate stretching during exercise. No cause for alarm for wears or tears during yoga or dancing.

5) Affordable: worth to buy on amazon 

When you think of class, quality and comfortable yoga pants, power reflex yoga pants provides it all and an affordable and inexpensive, price of $9.99-$19.99. A price which is so small compare to what the product offers.

6) Classic look:

The power Yoga pants is a multipurpose product as it can also be used as an outing wear (Leggings) a crop top wouldn’t be bad. Its varieties of colour makes you look classy to any occasion it is worn to.


The woman power reflex yoga pants is a product that should come in mind when ever you need a quality, durable and inexpensive and comfortable pants ton wear to the gym, then definitely the women power reflex yoga pant is the right product to go for. a great worth to buy on amazon !

Amazon link :

 90 Degree by Reflex Power Flex Yoga Pants – Black – Medium

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