Anker 2-Port 24W USB Wall Charger Excellent charger highly recommend

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Anker 2-Port 24W USB Wall Charger is now enhanced on a whole new level. It provides faster and safer charging technology, an incredible MultiProtect Safety System, an impressive Compact Design as well as a worry free warranty. Its Advanced Charging Technology and Ultra-Power is the big deal. This device prides 20 million happy users and still counting

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who is this product for ?

1). The Dual charge ports replaces your apple charger for both phone and iPad so that you are able to charge both at the same time.

2).This charger allows your phone to charge your device much faster than a typical charger will do. It maximizes charging speed up to 2.4 amps per port.

3).It is ideal for travelling because of its compact design, the prongs that go into the wall outlet fold easily as well as 100-240 volt input. It so nice that you can just throw it in your purse or bag

4). Great for limited plugs such that it is consolidated to one plug for two devices .They take up to little space and offer up charge stations throughout the house.

6). When using this charger you don’t have to look at your phone to know if its fully charged the blue light does this for you from wherever you are.

7). Recommended for work places because offices have limited plugs and this comes in quite handy because of its dual ports.

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Why is it worth to buy?


It has an exclusive Power IQ and VoltageBoost combined to ensure the fastest possible charge.

By automatically identifying any connected device, Power IQ is able to deliver an optimum, high-speed charge to any device. This Includes Apple and Android phones and tablets as well as cameras, consoles and more.

Voltage boost is smart technology that determines when charging output is encouraging cable resistance. By compensating for resistance, VoltageBoost ensures charging speeds are unaffected by long or old cables.

Having 2 USBs in the same plug is the best experience ever. The dual port charger enables you charge two devices at the same time which is appropriate given the limited number of outlets in work places.


What a great looking item! When it comes to things that you use everyday a manufacturer can pay a lot of attention in making the design pleasant.

The finish is glossy white with a matte grey front fascia. The white does not show finger prints and the grey won’t show scratches from the plugging of USB ends.

The 2 prong wall 120 V plug has a nice click when folding and unfolding and allows the charger to be plugged in either way. The charger is also no wider than a fruit named company’s standard brick changer.


Quite a nice feature as a lot of phones charge faster with the screen off. The green light shows ‘charging mode’ and as soon as a shunt resistor shows lack of voltage on the output, the light will return blue indicating a full charge. This way there is no more overcharging of your phone.

It is easy to tell your charge is full without having to look at your phone.


I used a Drok USB Ammeter to compare this Anker to three other 5V USB chargers tested back to back, while under the heavy load of an iPad 3 showing its battery at 14% state of charge, the Anker outperformed the other three chargers.

The charger maintained a slightly higher than 5V output(at 5.16 V)-Which helps overcome a 5V batteries internal resistance especially as it approaches 100% charge, topping it off while essentially matching the current delivered by the Apple IPad 3 charger( 2.02 Amps vs 2.03 Amps), but offering two USB ports instead of only one.

The Anker’s’ two USB ports appear to be independent such that one port is not ‘weakened’ in either amps or volts when the other port is also in use.


One thing that Anker has addressed in this version of power port wall charger is bulkiness.

The previous version (Power Port 2 with QUICK CHARGE 3.0 Dual USB Wall Charger) is a lot bigger compared to this version or even the iPad charger. The new power port 2 is light in weight than a dual port IQ charger.


Anker’s multiprotect safety system and upgraded hardware ensures complete protection for you and your devices.

Surge protection, short circuit prevention, temperature control and more keep your devices, 12/24 volt input.

Anker also provides you with a worry-free 18 –month warranty on top of that.


The phone does not get warm or hot which seems to be the case with the common round wireless charger which aside from warming the phone does not charge near as fast.

Even with ports under a (2+2)=4A load, the charger only got slightly warm to the touch. The efficiency is great in this charger.

Conclusive & Recommendation 

Anker 2-Port 24W USB Wall Charger reviews here are taken from the real feedback of its verified purchasers, after enjoying the exceptional quality, 80% of them leave good/ great or Love/like comment, and significant amount of them have become the repeat buyers and/or make it a gift to their beloved ones

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