Bluetooth Headphones from TaoTronics Why didn’t I see these before I bought beats last month!!

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Bluetooth Headphones fromTaoTronics is designed to deliver high performance whenever and wherever you are. It lets you enjoy great sounds on-the-go, with its excellent sound you can enjoy performance from its durable, lightweight and sweat proof headset .It is faster and more efficient than ever before, at the same time, it has a quicker response and a lower frequency. The comfortable and secure designs fit perfectly in your ears and the price is simply unbelievable.

Who is this for?

 1) It is great for making phone calls hands free whether you are walking, running or busy with your hands. No matter how soft your voice is, people can hear you very clearly

2) The device is convenient to carry. You can simply wear it like a necklace and go about your day to day activities without worrying if you will misplace them.

3).Many people love to go jogging, running and exercising and with this headphones you can comfortably listen to quality music as you make your body fit. Its snug fit makes the headphones stay put and hence cannot fall off

4).If you are audiophile this is the perfect device for you. You will certainly not be disappointed

5). The headphones are suitable for noisy places like streets, parks since it is able to cancel the noise out because of its CVC technology.

6). If you are looking for headphones that provide a comfortable and dynamic listening experience then you have to put this headphones as your top priority.

Why is it worth to buy?


This is where the headphones truly shine. While any Bluetooth earphones or headphones inherently induce a very slight loss in sound reproduction, rest assured, you will be blown away by the sound of this headphones. TaoTronics Bluetooth earphone have managed to edge the other headphones when it comes to sound quality.

Its CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation Technology filters out the surrounding noise making sound loud and clear .You get high quality hands free conversation even on the street.

The specially balanced ceramic antenna improves signal strength and tolerates more interference making your music become smooth without noise.

Its sound is clear, well balanced with just enough bass to make you hit that treadmill like the boss you are but not give you that ‘’morning-after’’ migraine.


They come with both ear loop and buds supplied in three sizes which are quite secure even for reasonably high intensity workout.

Once the buds are in your ears, it is almost like wearing ear plugs.

The solid construction and the cord length is just right whether you wear it behind your head or not.

Its Built-in magnet lets you attach the two headphones together when not using it and wear it like a necklace around your neck.

The headphones are snug and secure so that they stay put while running, biking or at the gym.

It has a modest packaging that comes with a card that offers an extended 6 additional month warranty with a QR code.


You can play, pause or change the volume all from the headphones with a reliable multi-button inline controls, instead of using your telekinetic powers to turn your volume down or up. It is really an energy saver if you think about it.

An interesting thing is that you can even activate siri or answer calls with just a touch of a button. How amazing is that?


This allows the headphones to play up to 5 hours of continuous music at a time or 175 hours of standby time.

You will always know how much headphone battery you have with the remaining power level shown on your device.


The device connects easier and faster to all smartphones, tablets, laptops and even Apple Watch. Pairing should be straight forward from the manual. Simply press the middle button and keep it pressed until the indicator light flashes blue and red. This initiates pairing mode. Then go into your device settings and find the options for Bluetooth. Your device should display the headphones name as ‘’TaoTronics TT-BHO7’’. Tap the name and it should connect with your device.

They have a pretty good range. You can leave your device in the room, go to the kitchen without losing connection unless you use a microwave, I could say a good 10-30 ft.

Bluetooth enabled music devices; aptX CODEC provides pure, CD-like high quality sound for compatible device.


If you are looking for a reasonably priced pair of Bluetooth headphones under $100 that sound good and have a solid battery life to get you through the day, look no further you can end your search.

They used to go or $45 and as if that was a solid deal, they are down to $38.I don’t think you will find anything better than these for under $50 or even under $100.You will not go wrong purchasing this device.

Conclusive & Recommendation 

The Bluetooth Headphones from TaoTronics reviews here are taken from the real feedback of its verified purchasers, after enjoying the exceptional quality, 80% of them leave a good/ great or Love/like comment, and significant amount of them have become the repeat buyers and/or make it a gift to their beloved ones

More information

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless 4.1 Magnetic Earbuds aptX Stereo Earphones, IPX5 Splash Proof Secure Fit for Sports with Built-in Mic [Upgraded Version]

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