The Best USB Car Charger from Anker at 8.9$ on amazon

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The Best USB Car Charger from Anker is an acclaimed series of powerful, portable in-car USB chargers. It is built with the finest material and the most advanced technology. Furthermore, has quite a compact design that is slim and sleek and enjoys an 18-month warranty as well as a MultiProtect system. With its ultra- high power it can fully charge two IPads simultaneously. The good news it is now redesigned and completely updated with further-optimized form and function.

Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger_7

Who is this product for ?

1) The Best USB Car Charger is suitable for individuals or families with multiple QC 2.0

2).Great for road trips where you need to charge multiple devices, it is also small enough to not be in the way.

3).If one is looking for a well-engineered product at a reasonable price this has to be your definite pick.

4).I would suggest using it when using GPS/Navigation since it provides plenty of power and we all know well that using GPS consumes a lot of power.

5). Good if you want to mix and match different cables. You can mix match let’s say a lighting cable with a USB charging cable for a DS or the microSD charging cable for a kindle.

6).Compatible with many devices like Samsung Galaxy: S4, S5, S6, Android Tablets, IPhone, portable Wi-Fi router, rechargeable flashlight.

Why it is worth to buy:


The PowerIQ and VoltageBoost combine to provide the fastest possible charge of up to 4.8 amps or 2.8 amps.

Testing this with an app that runs on android devices which reports the incoming amperage provided by the charge, the charger provided a full 1.8 amps simultaneously to two devices.

The recharge rate of all of the devices when using this is faster than the wall chargers with all the devices. In addition, while using this to recharge nearly dead Galaxy S5s, the unit barely got warm to the touch and recharged both in less than 3 hours.


The Best USB Car Charger is small, sleek and aesthetically versatile. Although it’s in a covered compartment in your car you wouldn’t mind having it on the dash of a car if it was arranged that way.

The design is amazing, it’s black with a red circle around the front.

The Best USB Car Charger pushes very far into the port and doesn’t stick out in an obtrusive way. The charger comes with 2 USB ports which I think is very handy for other passengers to use. Just attach the USB cord and you are good to go. This charger has a little heft to it, with solid construction. Just a little shorter than a lighter, this is worth it.

The packaging is something Anker should be also proud of, it is like opening a little present.


The first thing you will notice about anything with Anker on it, is that it looks well-made, side-by-side with the ‘brand name’ product for some very expensive electronic devices.

PowerDrive 2 is made using high-grade components and materials with world-class chips and circuitry. The fact that it comes as one compact whole piece is key unlike others where you have tangled chords and wires that end up fraying or tearing prematurely.

The unit overall feels solid and has a little bit of weight which to me says this material is not cheap.


The Best USB Car Charger is quite safe to use because of its safety features and MultiProtect system so you don’t have to worry about your phone being fried while charging. You can easily use the GPS and other devices without overheating your phone.

It is CE &FCC certified for complete safety and reliability and every purchase includes a worry-free 18 month warranty and lifetime technical support.


The Best USB Car Charger is the most powerful car charger I have seen this far. The IQ technology allows your phone to get up to 4.8 amps of power when charging 1 phone and 2.4 when charging 2 phones. The two ports pump out 24 watts of power.

Its 2 USB ports supports Quick Charge 2.0 so you can charge two QC 2.0 phones concurrently .Most car chargers either have 2 USB ports but neither of them are QC 2.0 compatible resulting in slower charge times or they may be only one QC 2.0 port.

The purpose of QC 2.0 is to quickly charge your devices in as little time as possible, and in most cases driving a car may not involve long trips. Getting quick and substantial battery boost in your 30 minute drives is great before you get to your next destination.

When tested with non QC 2.0 devices (iPhone 6, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S TABLET) they charged properly as well which is reassuring to know that it can charge at fast QC 2.0 speeds if you need it to but is also compatible with regular USB charged devices that are not QC 2.0 enabled.

 After very many months of use you will realize this unit still goes strong.


Anker have incredible customer service skills and they always do everything possible to make a customer happy, whether it is offering a refund or giving you a replacement. They never quite fail when it comes down to customer service.

They are quick and cautious when handling customer issues making you feel like you can always count on them and feel safe buying from them.

Conclusive & Recommendation 

The Best USB Car Chargers here are taken from the real feedback of its verified purchasers, after enjoying the exceptional quality, 84% of them leave a good/ great or Love/like comment, and significant amount of them have become the repeat buyers and/or make it a gift to their beloved ones

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