Azules Women’s Rayon Span Maxi Skirt-Solid

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Azules Women’s Rayon Span Maxi Skirt-Solid is a really beautiful skirt featuring a stretchable waistband and is perfect for both day and romantic day life. It is very soft and comfortable enjoying a wide range of colors that suit your taste. The fabulous waist fold over is solid, long and lightweight. They come in, brand new with tags and are unused. This skirt should be a must have in every girls wardrobe.

Who are these skirts for ?

1) It is lightweight and therefore good to wear for any season of the year. You can wear them all summer and into fall/winter with tights and boots.

2) The skirt matches almost everything, you can easily pick something nice on the closet to wear with it. There is no doubt that you will get a lot of compliments on how you look.

3 Great during pregnancy and still fits fine after the pregnancy. The stretchy waistband and bowled over style works well for the belly.

4).Its descent so you can go with it to church or to your parent’s house.

5).It is a standard roll able skirt so if you are short you don’t have to worry since most maxi skirts tend to be long.

6).You can also wear it to work, just match it with a blazer and it will give it a perfect official look.

7).I would highly recommend it when you are going for a luncheon because it will give you breathing space when you feel boated.

8) It looks elegant enough to be worn with a nice blouse to a dinner date.

Why is it worth to buy ?


These skirts are meant to be snug which is good for people who love skirts holding them tight they seem to hit you in all the right places .If you are the type that likes them loose you should pay attention to the size chart and order a size up so it will not be too tight for you on your hips.

The length can be adjusted thanks to the fold over while the waist is stretchy, soft and very comfortable .If you put the waist seam just above the panty line, the skirt will lay against the ground perfectly for flip flops. If you want to wear heels fold it up or if you don’t want it touching the ground.

No zippers or buttons, just the thicker panel but in does a great job without pinching or digging skin.


They are true to their color, all their colors arrive as pictured as far as depth of color is concerned so you can purchase with confidence.

The beige is really amazing you don’t have to worry if it will be too light and show through. I would recommend you wear underwear that is similar in color to the skirt or wear nude colored underwear if you are the self-conscious type, just make you feel more comfortable. There are quite many unflattering skirts and this not one of them. You will buy all the basic colors black, dark brown and dark gray and you will not at any given point be disappointed in them.

Some colors remind you of vacations like the ones you have taken to tropical locations which makes you wear them with several items –tees tanks and dressier summer tops. This is the type of dress where you end up wanting one in every color.


It is made with thought and care by just simply looking at it, an extra effort was certainly put into its construction. The fabric is a perfect balance between lightweight and good quality. The 95% rayon gives it the softness without glow, stiffness or stickiness of polyester.

This skirt stays firmly on your hips and feels very comfy. It doesn’t show underwear lines because the fabric is thick enough for modesty. There is so much spandex in this material so it is not clingy, gives it the fantastic fit and ability to mold your figure. It surprisingly has no wrinkles even after being folded into a napkin sized bag.

It is flows so well at the bottom, when you walk it bellows and this is the perfect movement for this type of skirt. You can use skirt hangers to connect the waist and hem line together so they don’t keep stretching out/


You should wash them on gentle cycle cold water and line dry. You can stretch it lengthwise when it is wet when need be.

The directions say hand wash but you could use cold water with a mild detergent on delicate in a front loading machine and lay it flat for it to dry. One can wash and dry many times and it will still remain nice with the slightest bit of wear on the fabric and no loose threads. I think most companies say hand wash cold so people won’t ruin the item by washing the item in water for a long time and blame the company for their mistake.


If you are curious about maxi skirts and you want to find something cheap to try them out then you should consider this.

$13 is not a lot for a skirt when the going price for similar items is $20 at least, which have poor selections and items not easy to care for. This is one is worth every penny.

Conclusive & Recommendation 

The colors are beautiful and charming they simply glow in front of your eyes. The Rayon/Spandex mix gives you a light and comfortable feeling. The fitting is so amazing, I love the way the bottom flares out a bit and accentuates the rear nicely. My advice to women is to go online and purchase this dress because they among the best maxi dresses you will have to get whether you are slender, plump or even pregnant you will get your perfect match.

The reviews here are from taken from the verified purchases and you can see from the look of things they are quite happy about the dress. Give it a try and am sure you will not be disappointed.

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