Gildan Men Heavy Cotton T-shirts(10 Pack) life pro tip: buy 10

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Gildan Heavy Cotton Weight T-shirt makes you stay comfortable all day everyday with an amazing seamless rib and shoulder to should taping, it is cut to fit and move with your body .Its 100% preshrunk cotton ensures you are kept warm throughout the cold and with an outstanding 10 pack you have a wardrobe for an entire week. The cotton t-shirt is designed to withstand wash after wash without shrinking or tearing. This is undoubtedly a basic essential to every person’s wardrobe.

Gildan Men Heavy Cotton_4

who are these T-shirts for ?

1) If you are looking for some plain t-shirts for random wear this is the best pick for you.

2) They are loose and long enough to keep your stomach covered even when you lift your arms.

3 .Good for the cold weather since these are really warm. They are truly heavy cotton and extremely thick.

4).They fit so well just like major brands. If you wear an XL, get an XL you don’t have to worry about sizing up.

5).Works great as an undershirt you can comfortably wear them under your work clothes.

6).Recommended for people looking for nice quality shirts with good color that do not fade.

7) If you need new t-shirts but do not have much money then this is the perfect solution, they are very affordable.

8) They are good for sleep since they are quite comfortable and very warm which gives you quite a wonderful sleep.


Why it is worth to buy?


There are so many assortment colors you can choose from and the colors are true to their image. Ash grey is 99/1; Sport Grey is 90/10; Antique Colors are 90/10; Most Heather Colors are 50/50.

You can have a pack of 10 red ones to give out during Christmas to go with pajamas pants. The best part is you will wash them all together with nothing else first for fear because the red will not even bleed out a single drip.

The kiwi green color makes you blend with road crews and landscaping workers in many places .If you drive a big white truck people may even try to hire you to do landscaping.

With its wide range you can use them as workout shirts for the different days, wearing different colors depending on your mood.


This t-shirts are really amazing by simply looking at them. They are all made of good heavy duty material and something amazing is that when you wash them in the regular laundry and dried in the dryer they come out wrinkle free and they don’t lose any color at all.

They are really great at holding colors you can wear them almost daily and after a year they’ve barely faded. My favorite part is that you can have grease, hydraulic fluid and all those stains on it but still have this stains washed easily without shrinking.


For a military person who lifts weights, one has a large chest and large arms. Most shirts makes them look like transitioning hulks .These shirts fit the arms and chest while also hugging the stomach which looks really great.

Most t-shirts from other brands are too snug in the armpit area of the t-shirt, these ones however give you plenty of room to move and be comfortable. The length is also a little longer than other brands which is awesome since they stay tucked in and in place. The t-shirts yes have tags at the back of the neck but they can be easily removed as they tear right out without damaging the stitching of the shirt.

These are great for all sexes you can get them for your spouse, siblings and parents. Nobody is left out when it comes to Gildan.

Gildan Men Heavy Cotton_2


These 100% cotton T-shirts are some of the best you will ever come across. There are no strings that need clipped or stitches that come loose.

They feel quite nice, soft and definitely comfortable. The neck is good quality, not thin and flimsy and not itchy at all. They also last a long time even if you are hard on shirts.

If you find plain t-shirts boring you can use your heat transfer vinyl and make some designs, the HTV sticks perfectly to these shirts and show no discoloration from the high temperatures. They also take fabric paint just as well.


With 10 shirts for under $25 you have enough such that if you needed to change shirts when it is a little warm out, you can have enough to get you through the week.

These are great shirts for the price, they are about $3 each. Cheap enough that you can wear them and not worry about getting them dirty.

They all look the same with no mixed matches styles mobility is everything and these t-shirts have it all, they don’t feel cheap at all, totally worth every penny.

Conclusive & Recommendation 

Gilden is a great and durable brand that lasts a long time. The heavy weight cotton is nice and warm and the fact that they don’t shrink wrinkle is a plus plus. I would wholeheartedly recommend it, all you have to do is rush to the boutique and get yourself the 10 pack. The Gildan brand delivered a nice and sturdy shirt and it’s quite obvious you will forever count on them to give you the best products in the market.

The reviews here are taken from the real feedback of its verified purchasers, a good number of them leave a positive feedback after experiencing the outstanding advantages of this product.

Don’t be left out it is a definite value for your money. You will have zero regrets, what a worth buy on amazon !

further to know : Gildan Men’s Heavy Cotton 10 Pack



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