Rainy Night in London- Black Gray Victorian Gothic Ruffle Steampunk Vintage Style Skirt

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You can keep warm in the Rainy Night in London-Victorian Gothic Ruffle as you stroll down the streets on a rainy night. It is vintage inspired with a fabulous side zipper closure and a dazzling high waist. Its corset lace down design with ruffles cascading through the slit is the real definition of elegance. The skirt is long with an asymmetrical double layer hem line to keep you warm even in the cold .The seller also offers a simple exchange or return system if the skirt does not match your expectations. This is an absolutely stunning skirt that everyone is rushing to buy.


Who are these lovely skirts for  ?

1). Good for the cold because of its double layer hem line.

2).It is great to wear to work, you can dress down with a plain blouse, I think the skirt is so much that it will make heads turn that probably wouldn’t with other clothing.

3).It is long and comes just to the floor which is absolutely gorgeous.

4).Great for people who are not girly girl, makes them feel alluring and sexy in a classy way, not short tight or low cut.

5).For ladies who want to feel like a bell and look sexy while not showing it all, this will do the trick.

6).You can use it for a photo shoot it is quite elegant and stylish.

7).Lovely size up if you are in between sizes.

8) Looks great as a Halloween costume you can’t wait to find another excuse to wear it.

9) I would highly recommend it for church for those people who love to wear long skirts to church.

Victorian Gothic Ruffle Steampunk Vintage Style Skirt_3

Why is it worth to buy?


It fits like a glove, no lie. The ribbon lacing allows for size adjustments as well as adding a grateful charm. If you refer to their sizing guide you are golden.

If you have a small waist and large hips order with your hips in mind because the way the skirt is constructed is meant for you to fit the hips. If you have a large waist and small hips, order with your waist line in mind because it will fit since the construction will still provide somewhat of an hourglass figure. I would suggest putting on a shaper or some similar mechanism to give you that selvedge look.

The skirt is long which is smart because everyone’s leg length differs and it leaves the option to take a bit off should you want.


The ruffles are lovely and the lacing up the side is really pretty. You can wear it as a costume and wear it to any sort of event where you want to feel feminine and fashionable .The detail at the back accentuates ones curves.

It is a pencil skirt to its knees and is best worn with high heels/stilettos/wedges/booties. The designers really paid attention to the details in the skirt, it has a lovely craftsmanship. The best thing is, it is very slimming and would likely look great on any size/shape body.


Definitely worth every penny, unbelievably flattering, substantially well made, nice fabric. They make sure you get a new item since their products come with a security device to ensure it is not worn for anything other than fit and appearance testing.


It is elegant and the fabric does not disappoint. For a skirt like this to flow, the fabric had to be the right weight(not too light and not too heavy).It is a blend of polyester which is soft ,breathable and feels more like poly/cotton blend.

The skirt has a built in slip and therefore heavy enough to wear through fall winter and spring. The fabric is gorgeous and the zipper is great quality without any hitches.

You can iron it and the material will stay wrinkle free for a long time. It is such a breath of fresh air to receive a quality piece of clothing.


You can ask them questions and verified measurements to make sure products fit fairly well. When the skirt arrives, it’s nicely wrapped, they provide another package envelope for you should you need to return it due to size, they also give you a cloth measurement tool to take your measurements. It even smells nice when you open the package

An incredible thing is they include a $5 off coupon for your next purchase and a loofah sponge with a note explaining that it is there in case of return but if you don’t need to exchange or return the product then you have a free to keep the loofah. That is very thoughtful of any seller.

Victorian Gothic Ruffle Steampunk Vintage Style Skirt_4

Conclusive & Recommendation 

The vintage design is the top reason you will have to fall in love with this dress, frankly speaking who doesn’t love vintage fashion? The lovely detailing, quality materials and the customer service just prove you can never go wrong with this skirt.

For any lady looking for an elegant and stylish skirt, your journey has just ended because this skirt is the perfect one for you. They say a little bit big is better than a bit small, I would suggest you take it to a local tailor for alterations in case it does not fit.

This is a great buy and anyone who has bought it can tell you that.

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