Women’s Celebrity Bandage Bodycon Strap Party Pencil Dress from Meilun

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Women’s Celebrity Bandage Bodycon Strap Party Pencil Dress from Meilun keeps you gorgeous enough to enjoy your life. Made of straps of heavy stretch fabric bound tightly like a bandage to perfectly mold your curves. The dress contents rayon, nylon and spandex which are meticulously created with silky soft yet heavy bend and super stretchy material for the perfect fit and comfort.

Who is this dress for ?

1) Beautiful dress for a night out. The bandage wrapping is thick and secure to hold throughout a night of dancing

2) Good for skinny girls, you don’t have to be afraid, it hugs the body just right.

3 You don’t have to wear a bra but if you wear a strapless under it makes it look even better.

4).If you are looking for a gorgeous dress for your bridesmaids then this will be a brilliant pick you can simply choose from the different colors offered.

5).Ladies looking for a sexy yet classy dress should put this one into consideration since it is very stylish. You will not go wrong with this one

6).The material is perfect for a trip as it does not wrinkle.

7).It is perfect for a casual event without spending too much money. It is very affordable going for around $29 to $62.  what a worth buy from amazon !m

8) Great outfit for Halloween all you need to do is accessorize it perfectly and you are good to go.

9) Very solid dresses to have in your closet for those times you just need something easy, cute and fun.

why is it worth to buy ?


The dress has a perfect fitting. It is spanx tight but nothing uncomfortable that is how bandage dresses are supposed to be. It slims down so none of your rolls show up. The large one is perfect without being too tight. Sometimes tight dresses are also tight in the butt creating a flattening effect but this is not the case for this dress.

The midi-length on this style makes it classy and sexy while the uncrossed straps fit the chest quite well, If you have big boobs the straps might look nice, crossed.

It is thick but makes you look and feel thin like it is sort of shaping you and keeps everything in place. It also pushes up so you look more of an hour glass.


The colors are vibrant and true to the photos. There are single colors and multi-colored dresses which gives you an even wider variety of colors to choose from.

Yellow is for a vacation in Miami. A white dress can be great for a white party, it will definitely exceed your expectations. The blue color is breath taking reminds you of the sky on a sunny cloudless day. You should consider buying more of this dresses in other colors so as to expand your wardrobe with quality dresses.


You don’t even need a bra when wearing it, it is thick and well made. There are no frays and the zipper is sturdy enough to withstand stretching of the material. The back seam and straps are also heavy, the quality of material is thick enough not to show underwear lines and tight enough that no spanx are needed.

I feel like you can throw this dress around, pull on it to stretch it out, jump on it, whatever you can think of and it will keep a perfect fit, nice and tight on your body.

It looks and feels like a dress that considerably cost a lot of money.


Some people didn’t initially love the way bandage dresses looked but after trying this one, they always think of getting more. They make you feel good about yourself.

The material is very heavy soft, smooth and shiny. There is a lot of stretch so it will be alright if you are within 1-2.5 sizes of your normal wear.

The zipper is decently concealed once the dress is zipped up and the straps are the perfect width with the same stretchy material. It’s a short dress but not a micro-mini-dress; you can pull it down or pull it up 1-2 inches for preference.

The stretch on this dress does give you some wiggle room.


This dress is priced low you wouldn’t expect it has so much quality like it does. There are similar dresses for a couple of hundred more dollars and more, so why should you pick them when you have an even better option?

This dress will certainly give you a 100% satisfaction and a value for your money.



Conclusive & Recommendation 

We can all agree on one thing, Meilun dresses are perfect, they hug the curves, feel great on the skin and are an excellent quality. Every woman should have a Meliun dress.

The Women’s Celebrity Bandage Bodycon Strap Party Pencil Dress I can say are not only beautiful and sexy but highly unique-hard to find these days, especially at shopping malls. This a dress you wear and feel like a million bucks’ huge percentage of the buyers were quite impressed by this dress and even re-purchased them. I therefore challenge you to go online and get yourself a number of them

It is worth every penny in your pocket.

Further to know it :Meilun Women’s Celebrity Bandage Bodycon Strap Party Pencil Dress (L, Wine red)

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