LL Women’s Long Sleeve Draped Open Front Cardigan – Made in USA

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LL Women’s Long Sleeve Draped Open Front Cardigan, designed and manufactured in California is a light weight but warm jersey. It is made of 95% rayon and 5% spandex. The cardigan has a beautiful open front knit, a gorgeous draped shawl collar and a long sleeve. It is without a doubt a basic and stylish outfit for you. This is a winning cardigan and as such you have all the reasons in the world to have it in your closet.

LL Womens Long Sleeve Draped Open Front Cardigan_2 


Who is this Long Sleeve for?

1) LL Women’s Long Sleeve Draped Open Front Cardigan is perfect for your business-dress office job. This is a great addition to the light weight sweater jackets you wear at your office job.

2).The cardigan pairs well with leggings, jeans and pencil skirts.

3). If you are the type that feels very hot when you wear anything heavy then this is good for you since it is light but warm at the same time.

4).Some people need arm protection riding in the car to avoid sunburns, but when it is warm out you will need a removable lightweight garment that you can roll up into your handbag, take out and put on again without looking wrinkled.

5). Great for events. If you need something to wear over a dress for a wedding then this will make u look even gorgeous.

6). They are the perfect weight for comfort in air conditioning especially when you live in areas where you can’t get away from air conditioning due to heat and humidity.

7). LL Women’s Long Sleeve Draped Open Front Cardigan is also great for running errands around the house.

8).The sizing is perfect for your needs to toss on over a dress or blouse for early spring mornings and in your office

LL Womens Long Sleeve Draped Open Front Cardigan_5

Why is it worth to buy:



LL Women’s Long Sleeve Draped Open Front Cardigan is longer and looser at the wrists which is better than being too tight. For instance, someone who has been lifting weights for many years has had a mix of disappointing and delightful experiences shopping clothes. If the tops fit your shoulders and upper arms comfortably sometimes the midriff is usually too baggy or frumpy-looking and if the midriff fits, the sleeves are snug. However with this cardigan the sleeve length and circumference are perfect, the cuffs land just a smidgen past your wrist bone. You can wiggle your shoulders around without feeling restricted in any way.

The length of the cardigan also complements short people and frames just right. The rear is covered while the front hem does not look unnaturally long.

The fit is certainly exactly what you should expect from a ‘true size’, don’t go smaller than you truly are.


This soft draping cardigan is truly soft in coral shades. You indeed have to love the colors, they are less hippie crazy but rather sophisticated.

A good thing is that you will wash the cardigan severally and you won’t have to worry about it ‘bleeding’ the colors.

You will certainly find yourself wearing one of the colors almost every single day.


The fabric has a good feel and is plenty in the front. It is a light weight rayon and spandex blend jersey, like a tee shirt. LL Women’s Long Sleeve Draped Open Front Cardigan is thin but it still fits well right around your arms. You can have a loose shirt under it and it will not show any folds or bulges.

Though the fabric is thin, it could definitely be born layered for spring as well as in the fall. It’s warm enough to give you that layer of warmth and not too much when outside. A bonus is that it is not see through.


One can have it washed in a washable garment bag on gentile wash in the machine and then hang to dry. You can also put it in the dryer on gentle but air drying keeps it looking brand new. There is also an option of washing it with cold water in the sink.

After washing it you will notice that there is less shrinkage and it perfectly retains its shape after you hang it.


It fits the shoulder right at the shoulder seam and has an extra detailing that is not common in similar products. It has a 1 inch hem, which gives just a little extra to the draping. For most people, the hem reaches just to the thigh top and the back covers your bottom perfectly.

The waterfall front can be tied at the waist but you can wear it loose most of the times. LL Women’s Long Sleeve Draped Open Front Cardigan is not too long in the front but drapes nicely below your waist.


The price is reasonable and similar to what you have paid for similar items in store .You will be quite pleased with your purchase at only $41.

If you think you will have to spend on some pricey cardigans from a leisure-type store then think twice this is a way better option.

You will certainly sacrifice pockets for something that can close/wrap if necessary.

Conclusive  Recommendation 

 LL Women’s Long Sleeve Draped Open Front Cardigan is undeniably the perfect cardigan for you! Finding the perfect cardigan like this is hard whether it is general or specific google searches., its light weight but warm enough, long but not so long that you look frumpy. It is a great cardigan for the money so don’t hesitate to buy it at any given time.

For those contemplating, don’t wait any longer to buy yourself one, you will be greatly impressed by it, just like the other purchasers .Give it a try today and you will back for another tomorrow.

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