Women’s Vogue Shoulder Off Wide Hem Design Top Shirt unbelievable 14.75$

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Women’s Vogue Shoulder Off Wide Hem Design Top Shirt is a great top that every lady should have in her wardrobe. The material has decent light weight with a wonderful flow of softness. It is a very comfortable fit with its lovely drapes and a wonderful V neck. A great thing is it doesn’t limit your washing technique, you can dry, laundry or handwash. This is the perfect modern and sexy look which has respect for all kinds of body and age. Ladies this is a must have shirt.

Women's Vogue Shoulder Off Wide Hem Design Top Shirt_2

Who is this top shirt for ?

1) Women’s Vogue Shoulder Off Wide Hem Design Top Shirt is a perfect match for people who love wearing jeans and leggings. The back is perfect and even covers the butt area when wearing leggings.
2). A good top for people who want to cover their bellies. It fits perfectly to-draping, not form fitting provided you gauge a size that will work for you.
3).Looks cute enough to go out on a Friday night with heels and jeans or just a short and slips.
4). Women’s Vogue Shoulder Off Wide Hem Design Top Shirt is very nice and light weight, definitely great for summer.
5).The fabric is so soft you can wear it to your local rodeo and still be cool with no sweat.
6).If you have descent shoulders and arms you want to show off then this is the perfect shirt for you.
7).Cool for outdoor events, it might be warm outside but you will feel cool in the shirt because of the material.
8).Great for people who like hiding their behinds for a comfortable look.
9). Women’s Vogue Shoulder Off Wide Hem Design Top Shirt looks great on pregnant women you can comfortably wear it on your baby shower.

Women's Vogue Shoulder Off Wide Hem Design Top Shirt_7

Why is it worth to buy?


I am definitely impressed with the fabric. It is soft knit and thin, but not see through at all, one needs to make sure to wear a bra without ridges on the cups, as those can be visible since it’s thin. I think if you had it more form fitting it might be see-through, but when it’s loose it’s not.

This fabric is great especially for hot weather, It could stretch, the fabric permits for movement .The shirt is easy to steam the wrinkles out with a little handheld garment steamer and does not need a lot of ironing since material is thin.


Women’s Vogue Shoulder Off Wide Hem Design Top Shirt is pretty good for a kit tee shirt type of top. The sleeves drape nicely and are perfectly loose. It is roomy on the breasts and not tight on the belly, and the kind of style of the cut makes justice since it doesn’t make someone look like a football player on the top. The V neck is great for all kind of shapes and clears the neck so it looks good. The cold shoulder holes are the perfect size and the shirt in general looks just like the picture.

Women’s Vogue Shoulder Off Wide Hem Design Top Shirt grazes the sides and comes down nicely. You can create a very fun but casual look by pairing the shirt with skinny jeans and some boots. It fits more like high-low top
The top part of tank is wide enough for regular bars straps to be hidden.

Wearing this shirt keeps you cooler than regular t-shirts. The open shoulders and loose fit lets air circulate to keep you cool and that is extremely important if you live in areas where it’s extremely hot. You can even use this pattern to cut shoulder holes and to cut the looser neckline in a couple of large t-shirts.

It arrives in its own plastic packaging and folded nicely.


For $13 this such a sweet deal. Based on the price you may anticipate something cheap but you would be pleasantly surprised by how soft and high quality the fabric is. This a great value for your money.


You can buy them in a variety of colors from army green, black, burgundy and turquoise colors. The image is the true color to the color. If you go for lighter colors I would advise you to wear a tank top under it, for the darker colors you won’t have to wear a tank top under it.

The shade of green color is lovely brings out the green in hazel eyes. It has very subtle colors that would go with almost any skin tones.


Generally it is not saggy, not too tight, it slims the arms and shoulders and hides the under arm flab. It also hangs well to the flatter. If it is too tight and stretches too much, you could see the color of your bra if it’s a different color, just buy a size up for flattering fit or buy a normal size. If you have bigger breasts I will recommend you buy a size up.

People with wide hips don’t have to worry that it may cause them to look more hippy. It is well fitted in the arms and torso. The sleeves are loose enough and not snug at all. If you have some booty, it falls really well and not clingy covering it nicely but not too long.

Conclusive Recommendation

Women’s Vogue Shoulder Off Wide Hem Design Top Shirt is an all-time favorite top to wear. It is not only fashionable that makes you a trend setter but it is made of super soft material that you can.t get enough off. I will recommend you buy a size up to bring the flow aspect beautiful.
The construction is pretty good with no loose seems, hems or any other flaws .The reviews here are derived from its verified purchases who have lots of positive feedbacks. This should be alarm clock for you to think about buying one. I am 100% sure you will be very happy with your purchase.

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