Certified Reusable Microwavable Meal Prep Containers from LIFT| A must buy for meal preppers!

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Lift’s meal prep containers are undoubtedly the best meal prep containers of 2017 and are ideal for you and your kitchens. This is because, the containers are highly certified, reusable and microwavable. The meal prep containers also come in 7 packs with lids and can take food of 28 ounce.

There is also an Ebook to guide you. The good news is that the price is unbelievably low, you would not even feel a slight pinch buying it. I highly recommend these for anyone wish to own microwavable, BPA free, and dishwasher safe food storage containers.


Lift certified reusable microwavable meal prep containers come in 7 packs with lids. They are air tight, leak resistant, with a higher lifecycle than those made by many of its competitors. They can be used from freezer to microwave (no lid) to dishwasher.

Where can this Prep containers be used and who needs it?

  1. It has no leaks, a solid seal on lid and containers of the same size and is excellent for food peppers.
  2. Lift’s containers come in handy if you need something to portion out a week and a half worth of dinners.
  3. The containers are very useful if you are joining your side of the family for a trip or vacation.
  4. Be it Chili, Beef or Stew Rigatoni, these containers can help you store your minor meals and food.
  5. You can use them in your freezers and microwaves and not fear damage. They are durable.
  6. Food looks great in the containers. The transparency is also a plus if you need to showcase your food.
  7. Restaurants and eateries should definitely get Lift. It will help them microwave and refrigerate their foods in no time.
  8. They are perfect for weight loss and diet Programs for measuring food for your diet plan and healthy fitness meal prep Lifestyle.

Why it is worth buying?


The stack ability is such a space saver. Lift containers only take up about a 9×6 inch space in the cabinet and you don’t have to worry about losing lids since you can stack everything together. With the way they stack in the freezer, everything fit perfectly on one shelf. You can also easily microwave more than one meal at a time and save yourself plenty of time due Lift meal prep containers’ stack ability.


Are you worried about the containers not being microwave compatible or that it might not be good enough for your refrigerators? Your fears have been allayed by Lift with this one. Lift meal prep containers are made in Canada, use certified BPA-free and CFC safe materials. They are made with only FDA and CFIA approved materials and the containers are food safe and environmentally sustainable.


These containers are fully reusable. Unlike other containers that become very weak or dirty after you use them once, Lift meal prep containers are the best because you can use and reuse them. So after you camp with them, or use them at that family vacation or get together, you can just dish wash them, and use again for your peppers or ingredients and put them in your refrigerator or cabinet.


The containers makes meal prepping versatile. You can easily adjust macro portions throughout your entire meal prep diet. They also have double compartments if you are looking to store food in varieties and can hold up to 28 ounce of food.


The best meal prep containers from Lift are very compact and are light as air. This makes them very easy to pack and carry for long distances. They are just perfect for meal prep bags and packing portion controlled meals on the go!


The cost of Lift’s meal prep containers would both thrill and amaze you. At just 10 bucks, you can get the best Reusable Microwavable Meal Prep Containers of 2017. Studies of meal prep containers have proven this. I strongly advice you hurriedly get your Lift meal containers because they will prove to be a great buy!

Conclusive & Recommendation

The reviews from Lift meal prep containers here are derived from its verified purchasers whose majority were very delighted about the containers. They claim they have become repeat buyers and are now recommending to friends.

Further to know:LIFT Certified BPA-Free Reusable Microwavable Meal Prep Containers with Lids, 28-Ounce, 7 Pack (Includes Ebook)



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