The best Spiral Vegetable Slicer |couldn’t be better and works perfectly!

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This spiral vegetable slicer has got to be the best Veggie Pasta & Spaghetti Maker for low carb, or gluten-free meals of the year 2017. It comes with 3 exclusive recipe eBooks and it has got 5 Blades. It might just be your favorite kitchen tool.

Who is this for ?

  1. This best vegetable slicer is exactly what you need for your soft vegetables like zucchini, yellow summer squash
  2. This product is highly recommended for all home kitchens. You would just love Spiralizer as it is easy to use and versatile. You will make delicious meals with it.
  3. Spiral Vegetable slicer would also come in very handy at if you own a restaurant, eatery or fast food. As large quantity of food is usually cooked in these places, a very fast and effective slicer is needed.
  4. Are you on a low-carb, high fat, moderate protein diet? This spiral vegetable slicer is also for you as it will help you with slicing all your veggies ASAP while saving your time and energy.
  5. It is very good for your hard vegetable like carrots, oversize vegetables and fruits.
  6. Having problems with slicing your salad? Be it carrot, cucumber, radish and jicama with a light citrus dressing. Spirilazer is very good for making salads.
  7. This spiralizer will cut even the most fibrous of roots. I have it cutting ginger and daikon no problem.

Why This spiral vegetable slicer is worthy?


This spiral vegetable slicer is 30-35% stronger than previous models. The 420 high carbon cutlery grade stainless steel blades and stronger ultra-reinforced BPA free ABS make it possible to spiralize harder root vegetables like sweet potatoes and turnips that previously broke spiralizer handles.


When you purchase the spiral vegetable slicer, you will never get bored on a keto/carb, paleo, raw, vegan, or glutten free diet again. You can start making healthy gourmet meals as soon as you get it. You’ll also get an excellent recipe e-book filled with nutritious, mouth-watering meal ideas the whole family will love!


This spiral vegetable slicer has been seen on bethenny, Ellen, The Doctors, the Food Network, national newspapers and magazines throughout the country.


It has a large number of long spikes on veg holder to hold vegetables firmly. Works great even for long and wide vegs (up to 10 inches long and 7 inches wide) without have to cut them into pieces. It has easy self-contained blade-storage. It has 3 Japanese high carbon stainless steel blades


It beautifully slices, shreds and chips most firm vegetables and fruits. Whether it is preparing gorgeous salads to impress your guests, making healthy raw veg pasta for your family or making garnishes to make your dinner plate into a gourmet masterpiece – with the Spiral Elite Spiral Slicer, you can do it all!


Yep! It doesn’t need electricity or power. Just when we thought Spiral slicer was too good to be true, we realize it is also non-electric making it ideal for emergencies and camping. What’s more? It is safe to operate and easy to clean and is dish-washer safe.


This spiral vegetable slicer cost just around $30! I know you don’t believe it, but studies from a vegetable slicer comparison has showed that: the best and most effective vegetable slicer from Spiralizer is a great buy.


For This spiral vegetable slicer, all of these packages in one? Yes, that is Spiral slicer for you. If you haven’t got one, hurry off and go grab yours. I strongly beat my chest as I recommend it to all. It also has the best reviews of the vegetable slicer market and its purchasers have left nothing but positive remarks.

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4.8 stars out of 5


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