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Basics Men’s Slim Wallet is the ideal men’s wallet. It prides holding up to 15 cards at the same time giving you easy access to these cards. The built in pocket holds cash, coins, key or items of a similar size. The best part is that it is very comfortable for front pocket use and comes in multiple colors that match your style. The slim wallet is classy, professional and casual, just designed for you.

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 The design is very innovative and simple. The Basics Men’s Slim Wallet has a flexible elastic body to easily access your cards and a built in pocket that holds more just than cards. You can see that there is quality craftsmanship, the seams are well sown, and the material is durable and heavy duty. The edges of the elastic bands have a tiny surging to protect it from damage and unravelling. This is without a doubt one of the best wallets for men.


Basics Men’s Slim Wallet is made of medical grade elastic, genuine leather and a double stitch all over. The pull tab has a leather piece at the top which feels nice and kind of sticks out for everyone.


This Men’s Wallet can be put in any pocket shirt, trouser, jeans or bag because of its relatively compact in size.

 Who is this Basics Men’s Slim Wallet for:

 1).If you are looking for a quality light weight wallet to hold your credit cards and has a slim profile then look no further because the Basics Men’s Slim Wallet is your final destination

2).Holds the important cards that you may need, moreover, it is easy to get into these various cards.

4).The Basics Men’s Slim Wallet has a money pouch to help you conveniently carry paper money anywhere and everywhere.

5).These are good wallets for men to fit in their front pockets without making them feel uncomfortable

6).This Slim Wallet is ideal for carrying a small key or even an SD card. The small pocket helps you keep this items safe.

7).If you want something to use when you are going to a game, a bar, amusement park etc. this is a great option to take instead of a bulky wallet.

8).Great wallets for women as compared to the heavy purses they carry around. If a woman has a large purse, they just throw everything they can in there. Eventually as they go through their purse they find items they didn’t even know were in their purse. Do they need one that big? Nope.

9).You can use it to carry a few toothpicks with you, the elastic folds are good to sneak a few in safely without them touching your cards.

 Why is Basics Men’s Slim Wallet worth to buy?

1) Easy to access

The idea of the flexible elastic and unique pull tab is amazing giving you access to your cards. After pulling the tab your cards are exposed about half way leaving them secure in the elastic but giving you easy access to sort through them to get the card or ID you need.

When you are finished just place the card back in the pack and push them back into place and the pull tab retracts back into its place as well.

2) Elegant

The Basics Men’s Slim Wallet is a fashion statement from a minimalist type of wallet. The leather highlight on the end of the card strap is stunning. It draws your eyes and hands right to the action, pull on this and your cards pop right.

3) Holds numerous cards

The Basics Men’s Slim Wallet holds up to 15 cards. There are 2 pockets on the opposite side from the pull tab, one slightly larger pocket which is designed to hold your 4 most used card or ID for quick access. The other pocket on the top of that one is a little tighter meant for cash. It is recommended that you split your cards in half and put one set on one side of the strap and the other half on the other side.

I would also suggest you keep all your cards and ID together on the pull tab side and use the larger pockets for your bills as they are easier to get in out. You can as well keep a spare key in the outer smaller pocket or leave it with nothing. Everything fits in great that most wallets cannot match the function of this one.

4) Slim Profile

Comparing it to other wallets for men the Basics Men’s Slim Wallet is a slim fit and its overall size is excellent. It is large enough to find it in your pocket with a quick pat but small enough that you don’t realize it when putting phone or keys in the same pocket.

Often times when you have a bigger wallet, you just begin to fill it with stuff you don’t need. The small nature off this slim wallet limits you only to the necessity, which is all you need

5) Sturdy and Durable

You will not anticipate the wallet wearing out anytime soon. Traditional wallets have always ended up bending or damaging your cards as you sit on them on your back pocket but this is not the case with Basics Men’s Slim Wallet

The contents in your Basics Men’s Slim Wallet fit securely and don’t feel like they will slip out if dropped or turning the wallet upside down

6) Great customer service

The company provide something like their ‘business card’ that gives their social media information and a promo code to get 20% off another wallet if you get to order another one. In case your Basics Men’s Slim Wallet is faulty you can contact the company and they will not hesitate to offer you a replacement.

It is nice to interact with a company that not only has a great product but cares about their consumers by showing it and not just saying it.



The Basics Men’s Slim Wallet is able to hold your cards securely, in a very slim profile and after a couple of daily use you will certainly see yourself continuing to use the wallet for a long time.

The reviews here are derived from its verified purchasers who were impressed by the Basic Men’s Slim wallet. If they loved the wallet I bet you will too, so don’t dillydally and get yours today.

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