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Anker PowerCore 20100- UltraHigh Capacity Power Bank is the power bank you may ever desire. The power bank has a very fast charging technology with the power IQ and Voltage Boost. Moreover, the ultra-high capacity keeps you going for days. The power bank also has a MultiProtect safety to keep you and your devices very safe. Anker provides you with an 18- month warranty as well and provide you with the most friendly easy-to-reach customer support. This is another definite thumbs up for Anker chargers Anker PowerCore 20100_4

Who is this Anker PowerCore 20100 for?

 1).If you love gaming these are the best power banks for you. You can buy it so that you can play PokemonGo for hours on end

2).The power bank charger is really good for travelers. One can go camping and will be able to keep all phones and tablets charged.

3).You can use the power bank to share the battery supply with your friends and family when they need it.

4).As a college student this power bank is a necessity .No longer will you have to walk around scouring for a friend to borrow a charger when you leave yours home.

5).It is a good power bank during plane travels .You will no longer have to wait in the airport for someone to finish using a power outlet

6).The form factor of this Anker charger is great for carrying either in your pocket or backpack

7) If you are the type who don’t like leaving their phones charging on the sockets, this power bank will be convenient for you to carry your phone from room to room with ease.

8).The power bank is essential if you leave in an area prone to hurricanes and frequent electricity outages.


Why is Anker PowerCore 20100 worthy ?


1) High-Speed Charging

Features PowerIQ and VoltageBoost to deliver fastest possible charge. This is probably the biggest thing you will love about this power bank. The charging rate is phenomenal that you would rather charger your phone using this portable power bank instead of your normal charger just because of the speed. The battery will last you a couple of full charges for the phone.

I like that it is 2amp input which makes for a quicker charger as most power banks are half that at 1 amp input.

One feature that is great is when a device is being charged to completion it stops charging as it has integrated IQ technology which prevents overcharging the device. The enormous 4.8 amps provides enough power to simultaneously charge a combination of devices at full speed.

2) Ultra-High Capacity

This power bank will last a very long time. It takes about 1o hours to charge it from zero to full. You will know when it is done charging because there are is a built in LED light indicator which is useful to see when you need to recharge the powerbank.The monster of a charger can charge your iPhone more than four times before you need to recharge it

The fact that it comes in two USB outputs is a true blessing, you never know when you need to rapidly charge two things at a time but it is definitely something you keep in mind.

The portable charger features a total of 4.8A of charging power and a total capacity of 2000 mah. It is one of the best power banks with the large battery packs for the size it comes in

3) Safe

Anker’s Multi-Protect safety system ensures complete protection for you and your devices. The unit features fire resistant polycarbonate, impacted tested, vibration tested and extreme temperatures tested.

4) Friendly Customer Service

The Anker Company has quality customer support. They take the reviews of their customers’ seriously. If you leave a review of their product being faulty they will make an effort of contacting you and will offer to send you a new one and return the none-functional.

5) Compact and Portable

What is interesting is that it is about three times the weight of the other power banks which have slightly smaller dimensions. I like that it is longer and not as wide so it can fit the pocket better.

Now you never have to listen to the kids whining and fighting over having a dead tablet in the car. You will also not have charge cables stretching from the cigarette charger to the backseat and leave the car on so the kids have power on their tablets. They can sit with the Anker charger right between them and have power for the whole day

6) Good packaging

The nice package comes with the power bank, a carrying case, a micro USB cable, a welcoming guide, 18 month warranty and a nice mesh back that fits the pack snugly for storage

The little paper in contains customer support information just in case you may need it

 Anker PowerCore 20100_7


Overall you will be very pleased with the Anker PowerCore 20100- UltraHigh Capacity Power Bank, for the price and quality you will have a hard time beating it. The high speed of charging combined with the huge capacity makes it essential for travelling.

I would fully recommend this power bank to you, my friends and family.

The reviews here are derived from the verified purchasers of Anker PowerCore 20100- UltraHigh Capacity Power Bank .Most of the buyers were thrilled with the power bank and some even went ahead to purchase others. There is literally no way you will regret this purchase. You will however wish you had bought it sooner.

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