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Garmin Forerunner 920XT Black/Blue with HRM-Run is the smartest watch you can get. The multi-sport watch comes bundled with a heart rate monitor and better yet has smart notifications like call alerts. The sports watch gives you a wide array of metrics for you to record and relive your accomplishments. Moreover this Garmin sport watch is extremely durable. I would say Garmin delivered one of the best smart watches,


Who is this smartest watch for?

 1).Is a good normal watch to wear and check time with. These Garmin watches look very cool on your wrists.

2).The Garmin sport watches work great for swimming laps and pool workouts. The sensors accurately track your laps and even know what stroke you are using. You just input the length of the pool

3).The sport watch handles daily activity tracking and sleep monitoring.

4).If you just need a basic running or cycling watch to get the job done and you don’t have a lot of cash then look no further because these Garmin sport watches are very affordable

5).Great running watch. It does what it is supposed to. You can set your lap times in kilometers but still see your pace in miles. Lots of flexibility in the data screens for when you run

6).Nice sport watch for cycling. This Garmin watch is able to keep your stats for time, pace, distance etc.

7).The smart watch is also great for open water swim across the ocean. The Garmin sport watch uses GPS for this activity.


Why is this worth to buy?


Records speed, distance ascent, descent and more.There are menus for indoor vs outdoor swims, biking profiles, runs etc. You can create your own category of activities. It is going to be faster changing through multiple sports.

The visualization of running is really cool to see on cadence, vertical oscillation, ground contact time and heart rate. There is a gauge much like a RPM gauge in a car that shows you right where you want to be. Out of the box the heart rate zones are based off age and not fitness levels. The sport watch collects steps taken which is 95% accurate.

The swimming features have a reset lap feature that will let you hit the lap button and have it start a rest timer. No more stopping and starting or wondering how much longer in your rest, it will do it for you. The screen changes from black on white to white on black when in the rest lap. It will switch back as soon as you as you push the lap button again.

2) Bluetooth integration and wireless integration

The Bluetooth integration allows you to synchronize with multiple apps on your iPhone or Android and is very easy to set up. There are dozens of apps you can download, all are free. Some plot heart rates, another tracks remaining battery and many more functions.

You can get notifications on your sport watch from your phone such as text messages or who is calling you so you don’t have to stop and pull your phone out. Clearly your phone has to be within 10-15 feet for this smart watch to work perfectly.

3) Better Packaging

This Garmin sport watches has changed significantly over previous watches. There is no AC adapter now. There is a USB cradle that can be plugged into a simple phone USB wall charger or obviously your computer but this is a stray from the past. The USB is as universal as it can get

The charger is really good unlike other sport watches which you fumble with to get it to seat while some tend to be too big.

4) Good design

This Garmin sport watch has a color display and a higher resolution display compared to most sport watches. The menu is vastly improved over its predecessors and the buttons are also softer to push and tell you when you have paused an activity and asks if you will resume it.

The face is quite large but unlike other GPS watches it molds more to your wrists. The Garmin sport watch integrates more with the wrist as it is lower profile and kind of curves around integrating with the wrist.

5) Easy synchronization

The Garmin connect and Garmin express are tools where your information is uploaded. The company did fix one thing that was a major problem from the 910ct, easy synchronization of your workouts. Both the WiFi connection to your Garmin connect account and the vastly improved Bluetooth connection to the same mean no more swearing to the computer wondering where your data is. There is a lot of information you can review

6) Durability

This Garmin sports watch appears to be well built. The screen material appears to be quite durable.

After two months of use there are no screen scratches. Moreover, it would be good if you get a screen protector like on your cell phone. The buttons are also very sturdy. It does well in ocean water but you should rinse it in fresh water



You definitely have to love the watch, you get so much data on your wrist. I don’t think there is any way you will go wrong with this Garmin Forerunner 920XT Black/Blue with HRM-Run

 I have analyzed this sport watch and all I could say is that, it is more than amazing. The reviews here are derived from its verified purchasers. I can proudly say a huge number of them loved it, who are you not to? Get yours today.

Amazon Link:Garmin Forerunner 920XT Black/Blue Watch with HRM-Run

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