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Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife does an excellent job for your every day needs in the kitchen. The electric knife features a powerful motor with two stainless blades to make slicing tasks for you quite easy. The ergonomic handle is comfortable and is perfect for both left and right handed people. Additionally, the Cuisinart electronic knife comes with a solid-wood butcher block storage tray, with a safety lock system for you to easily store it in a drawer or a counter. The electric knife also has a one-touch pressure activated on/off trigger control and space for wrapping the cord. This the best electric knife, giving you a reach kitchen experience.


Who is this Electric Knife for?

 1).In use the Cuisinart electronic knife cuts easily through turkeys which will be your normal use for the electronic knife. With other knives you would wrestle with the knife but with this electric knife carves it with no time, getting meat off

2).The Cuisinart electronic knife Works great slicing through vegetables and fruits

3).This electric knife is great for slicing bread. The hardest thing about making your own bread is slicing it, this electric knife solves the problem. You can purchase the slicing guide to go with the Cuisinart electric knife, it even slices sandwich bread perfectly.

4).This is the best electric knife for beef roast and pork roast, works beautifully.

5).Left handed people will be happy with this electronic knife because it cuts well with either hand.

6).You can buy the Cuisinart electric knife for a birthday cake. Cuts through the cake so easily there will be hardly any crumbs.

7).If you are looking for an electric knife that saves room then the Cuisinart electric knife is the best electric knife for you.

8).Works great it cutting frozen meat. This electric knife is quite sharp to cut through the hard iced meat. 

Why is it worth to buy?

1) Two blades

The Cuisinart electric knife power motor combines two stainless steel knives, a Carving blade and a bread blade, having two blades is very useful. The bread blade is primarily for slicing bread, sandwich rolls and slice bagels. The carving blade is great for slicing meats along with fruits and vegetables. This electric knife makes cutting an easy and enjoyable task.

2) Nice Design and ergonomic handle

From the knife guard to the cord storage in the base you will certainly see the electric knife is a great design. The handle is handy and very easy to use. The Cuisinart electric knife looks great on the counter with you stainless spice racks. Most people have limited counter space and this electronic knife can be stored in the drawer, but it is worth putting away something to have it handy on the counter top.

The Cuisinart electric knife is high quality attractive, has a powerful motor and extra-long 4-foot cord which is the real selling point for anyone. Moreover, the electric knife comes with a cutting board stand that has room to store the blades and cord.This will either stand on the counter or fit nicely in a kitchen drawer.

The colors go great and match with your kitchen and other appliances which are black and silver.

3) Sharp

The Cuisinart electronic knife comes with blades to cut bread, most homemade breads fall apart when you try using other electric knives. The carving blade is miraculous in the way it just moves right on through whatever you are carving as if it’s a hot knife through butter.

The blades are thin but sturdy and screw/bolt that holds them together is small and does not get into the way of cutting anything.

4) Long Term Performance

The electronic knife comes with a nice holder to keep it out of harm’s way in the drawer. Furthermore, has a good solid sturdy feel, compared to the lighter weight models.

The blades use a fairly soft steel which should protect the blades from chipping. Since the Cuisinart electric knife is serrated, it should hold its edge for a long time.

This kitchen tool will give you many years of service.

5) Safe

The blades are also easy to remove for washing but are unlikely to be removed accidentally. The Cuisinart electric knife does not heat up if you run extended time.

There is a stop trigger mechanism to stop the trigger from accidentally being used and a dual release set of buttons to hold and release the blades. The safety switch is really great to have since if you have children around it would be safe if the switch is not activated.The blades sit ok with a spring loaded back clasp at the top and are easy to install.

6) Easy storage

The problem with other electric knives is that if you want to use it daily you have to leave it in the kitchen counter. The knife with the blade installed takes up a lot of room since they have to ‘lie down’. It is too much work to remove the blade, unplug it and store it in the cabinet. The Cuisinart electric knife solves the problem by allowing you to store the unit vertically. It is pretty easy to remove the blade and return the blade and knife back to the storage block.

The storage case secures all components in a single area so when re-using it doesn’t become an exercise of re-locating each individual part

Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife_2


I thought all electric knives are the same until I came across the Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife. This electric knife work so well with nice thin slices, easy to take part and clean. This is definitely something worth having in your kitchen even if you are using it less times.

Of all electric knives on the market I would definitely recommend the Cuisinart electric knife. The reviews here are derived from its verified purchasers who were very happy with the electric knife. Get yours today and be part of the rich kitchen experience

Amazon Link:Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife


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