Amazon Lighting Deal: TaoTronics Garment Steamer at 60% Discount

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Price: $29.99
Sale: $17.99
With Deal: $11.99

Direct Link :TaoTronics Garment Steamer, Handheld Portable Fabric Steamers For Clothes – Powerful Travel Garment Clothes Steamer, 120ml Capacity Perfect for Home and Travel – ETL Certification
I was looking for one of theses for a trip overseas that was not to big and easy to use. And it is both of these. For a size comparison you can see it is about the size of a water bottle.

Though it is perfect for travel you may have to refill it more than once per garment. So if you are doing multiple items it may be a pain to stop and refill. You will know when it’s getting near the end because it will start spitting out hot water. Which can be dangerous so watch out, also when working on items make sure not to tilt it down because water will come out.

– price,
– size,
– easy to use,
– ready to use in less than 2 mins,
– comes in carrying case,
The mitt is nice but I’ve never used it. I like to live dangerously. 😉

It does not do the same work as a iron. Which is silly to expect because it’s not an iron. I like my collared work shirts to be ironed with some starch. So it’s not comparable to this. But for a quick steam to get out wrinkles it is fantastic! And the short time frame it takes to do it is unbelievable.

The only thing to consider is, the smaller the product the more often you will have to stop and refill. So if you are using this for travel it is 100% worth because of the size. If this is to be used only in the house you may want a larger product to hold more water so you can do more items without stopping.

I love this product and definitely recommend it.

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